LED & Button controller

Designed and built to control the lights of a small scale train model. The unit allows to control four channels of two buttons and three LEDs each.

iButton lock with PIC12F

A circuit that can record/delete iButton keys and actuate a relay, a buzzer and some LEDs based on whether or not the key is registered to its database.

Debug display for MCUs

A debugging tool driven by an on-board MAX7219 meant to help me find software bugs faster and easier. It comes with a bit-banged SPI library.


My prize winning instructable about a smart fish tank controller. Timed feeding, skimming, lighting, and a lot of other useful automations.

Activity Box for kids

One of the very few Arduino projects I ever made. This one is about the guts of the activity box I built for my son as a Christmas present.

PIC16F87 Display Driver

A simple project that serves as a proof-of-concept for a flagship project of this site, the Activity Box for Kids. Look in here for an intro and ask questions if interested.